Ann C G Gylman.
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Ann Cullen - Natural Action Water UK.Health Practitioner, Author and Speaker, specialising in water, toxins, behaviour and quality of life.

I thought I knew all there was to know about water, it was wet, it was necessary to life and I knew was that the brain was the first organ in the body to dehydrate, which causes, tiredness, fatigue, irritability, headaches and much more. What I didn’t realise then, was how important the quality of the water was, and that it must structured to benefit us fully.

Only water, washes out toxicity from the body, teas, coffees and soft drinks don’t do that, they add to the toxic load. The average body needs 2 litres of water a day.

Water in itself is a therapy treatment, what I have learned since working with structured water, quality of water makes all of the difference. Water that we have had available to us up until now has been chemically treated, crammed through pipes, pollutants added, which contaminates and traumatises the water, then we drink, bathe and shower in it.

We may consider the water we drink each day as our water intake…

Actually, when we bath, shower, swim, sauna or use a steam room, our pores open wide and we take in between 3 and 6 cups of that water.

This municipal water is the equivalent of tap water with more chemicals added which is what we are trying to avoid in the first place.

As a phoetus we are 96% water, for the most of our lifes we are 70% water and as we enter old age, we are 60% of water.

So, the quality of the water, equals the quality of our health. The choices we have had in the past  to improve the quality of our water, were filtration systems, magnets, reverse osmosis, sitting water out in the sunlight and distilling to name a few. All of these methods are effective in cleaning and purifying the water, however, what you end up with is an almost dead substance.

During our research, we asked farmers, “when do you get your best crops”, they all replied “when it rains”. So we look into how nature purifies water, at what point is the polluted water that is evaporated up, purified again? And Clayton Nolte, scientist and researcher, realised that it was when the water is evaporated and is treated with the full spectrum of sunlight is what heals the water and brings it back to it’s natural state.

So why don’t we drink rain water?

Because rain does get contaminated through the atmosphere for example, from airplanes, cars, industry etc. So by the time we drink municipal water, which has been through chemical treatment plants with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride added, that’s what we have been putting in our bodies.

structured water is actually wetter and more dense than any other water that we have had available to us.

Water is made of photons, photons are light. We are 70% water so we are light beings too. If you photograph most processed waters, there is little light shown. On the other hand, if you photograph structured water, it displays a lot of light.

Quantum physics now scientifically supports what ancient peoples have always stated about the indivisibility of Nature — that our material bodies, our mental, emotional and spiritual experiences, our planet and our universe form a seamless holograph of energy.

Our most basic requirement, water, can provide us with increased levels of vital energy when its molecules are reconfigured to their original state in Nature, unadulterated by human meddling. In that state water produces biophotons, microscopic “bit/waves” of light energy.

Natural Action Technologies, Inc is dedicated to increasing the availability of this life-infused, coherent water.